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Man CAUGHT Watching P0RN In A Public Library With Sound On Loudspeaker



P0rn Watching Man Busted 

Loud sex noises were blasting from his phone as he appeared to be watching porn on a VR headset in the children’s area of the public library in Oviedo, Florida.
He seemingly forgot to plug in his headphones and was broadcasting the sound for his film to everyone.

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Nanny Madison Alderman had taken the children she looks after inside for a homework session on Thursday when she filmed the shocking footage.
Once the man is interrupted, he realises what has happened and runs out of the library sharpish.
Madison said: “When we walked in we heard the porn sounds blaring from his phone. “He had his headphones on but they weren’t plugged in, it lasted for a few minutes. “Everyone was laughing.
“The kids were really confused and the older kid asked if it was a video of a girl being killed.”

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