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Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ Is Reportedly A Republican Supporting Donald Trump



Dwayne Johnson Allegedly A Republican

People who claim to know The Rock took to the site, and explain that while he supports the President and his policies, he doesn’t want anyone to know about it.
These comments were under a post about Dwayne commenting on DJ Khaled. They said he hides being conservative well.

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Here are the comments:
He’s more conservative than he lets on. He used to be a registered Republican, pretty sure his cousin was/is a Trump too so I just get vibes a big chunk of his Samoan family is conservative. Some of them are pretty Catholic.
I meant Nia Jax. She was liking pro-Trump tweets after the election. The Rock and her are legit close (Unlike the most of the Anoa’i lbr) and I believe they’re actually blood related through his mother. A bit of a stretch but Dinah from 5H (trump supporter) is also really bffs with his daughter
My husband & I know people who have worked with him on several movies. They have the most interesting things to say about him. Basically he’s 100% PR. He wants to be the #1celebrity in Hollywood & very much cares about how he’s perceived by the public. However, that’s all he cares about. He’s not mean. He’s never rude, but he’s also never sincere. While other celebs will remember your name if you work in the industry he will not. You could work with him on five movies & he’ll never once ask your name even if you interact with him every day— unless a camera is there & suddenly he’s one of the people. I should add that my husband has met him a few times & he was very nice. We were totally surprised that people who work in the industry have been consistent in these comments about him.
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