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Cardi B Stole Nicki Minaj’s Lyrics – Nicki Demands Credit.. See The Lyrics



Cardi B Stole Nicki Minaj’s Lyrics

Dreddsworld confirmed that Nicki Minaj’s people reached out to Cardi and demanded that she be given a writing credit on Cardi’s song Money Bag. Cardi is being accused of “stealing” a verse from Nicki’s 2008 hit song Womp Womp.

Nicki Minaj caught Cardi B stealing her lyrics and is now demanding that Cardi B give her a writing credit – on her latest album. The shocking new allegation is coming directly from Nicki Minaj and her management.

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And Dreddsworld’ insider claims that Nicki Minaj’s people want CREDIT on Cardi’s album – or else they may take legal action.

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The insider told Dreddsworld  “She’s going to give Nicki credit, or she’s gonna have to give her a bag.”
Currently, here is the list of people credited with writing the song Money Bag:

Here is the comparison 

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