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Sincerely, let’s give a big clap for Canada. Like, I mean, No! These people are true, happy and blessed. They’ve got a great economy and less population, they welcome great ideas too. 
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Then about a day ago, they legalized  marijuana 
 ‘oja’ and made laws to regulate this  elixir in the whole country. They are the second to do this, and right at this moment?

There are queues all over the stores in the country with little stock. Imagine the feel of getting the total go-ahead to do something you love but couldn’t do? You want me to explain how that feels?

Joy!, that is what you get hombre, and everyone deserves to be happy. This giant step is a big one for Canada and this would really hit it’s economy 🤔… Let’s wait and see in what way that would be. But until then let’s forget the worries, the war, the gossips and…

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It is recreational I presume,but it is definitely for certain persons and not a crime.

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