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Selena Gomez Reveals Her New Chest Implants.. It Seems too Big – Pics



Selena Gomez Reveals Her New Chest Implants

Pop singer Selena Gomez just unveiled her new implants to the world, Dreddsworld has learned. Justin Bieber’s ex posted a pic on Instagram, showing off her new surgically enhanced body.
Selena has had a series of health scares, which took a toll on her body. Selena has lupus, and has had a series of complications surrounding the disease. Fr example, she needed a kidney transplant two years ago.
See what she use to look like :
From her new instagram post. See what she looks like now :

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While most of her fans flooded the comments section with compliments about the hot shot, some accused the 26-year-old former Disney starlet of going under the knife.

“So that’s where she’s been. Recovering from a bo* b job,” one person claimed.
Amy Schumer even chimed in with, “Oh ok!”
Though,  she has been trying to keep a low profile for a while now.  Fans will always have something to say. 
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