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Nicki Minaj Had Bruised Knuckles After Fight With Cardi B – See Pictures



Nicki Minaj Had Bruised Knuckles After Fight With Cardi B

More evidence is coming out, suggesting that Nicki Minaj was the one who WON the fight between her and Cardi B. We obtained EXCLUSIVE images of Nicki Minaj leaving that scene of the fight that she had with Cardi B.

And if you look closely at Nicki’s knuckles, they are bruised and bloody. 
You’ll recall that images showed Cardi leaving the fight, with a giant LUMP over her left eye. Nicki Minaj is alleged to have POPPED Cardi in the eye with a blistering LEFT JAB.

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Cardi B later revealed the reason behind the fight with Nicki Minaj

The videos circulating online only show the AFTERMATH of the fight. But the pictures of Nicki’s knuckles and Cardi’s face appear to tell MORE OF THE STORY.

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