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Beyonce’s Band Member Files Lawsuit Against Her – Claims She Is Satanic – Details



Beyonce’s Band Member Files Lawsuit Against Her

Beyonce‘s former bandmate claims she’s a satan worshipper, in a new lawsuit. There have long been rumors about Beyonce ‘s connection to satanic forces and the illuminati. But now there’s a lawsuit about it.

Kimberly Thompson, Beyonce‘s former drummer, asked a court for a restraining order against Beyoncé, The Blast reports. According to documents obtained by the Blast, Kimberly alleges that Beyoncé is practicing “extreme witchcraft” and “magic spells” to harass her. 

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Records show that Kimberly’s first request for a temporary restraining order was denied by an L.A. Court on September 19. There is currently another restraining order hearing scheduled for October 11.
Along with her work with Beyoncé, Kimberly Thompson also played drums in the Fred Armisen-led house band for the first season of “Late Night With Seth Meyers.”

On top of that, she has also said that Beyoncé is responsible for her exhaustion, unemployment, house theft and has been ‘taping her phone calls’.

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There is absolutely no evidence to suggest why the ‘Lemonade’ singer would allegedly be doing this to Thompson, nor does she herself offer any logical reason behind it, but she’s certain the 37-year-old star is responsible.
Needless to say, this is a very strange story and we’re just going to leave it to the Internet to voice their opinion on the matter.
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